Strategy for SBI Associate Banks PO Interview

The State Bank of India (SBI) conducts entrance exam for selection of Probationary Officers/ Management Trainees for its 5 associate banks including:
  • State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • State Bank of Mysore
  • State Bank of Patiala
  • State Bank of Travancore
The selection process consists of 3 rounds. Initially, there is an objective test (conducted online) and a descriptive test, which is paper-based. Following these 2 rounds is the last one i.e. Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The Personal Interview round is the final and the most important section for the final selection process.
Now that you know the importance of the Interview round, you must ensure to put your best foot forward. Following are some tips that can help you prepare in the right direction!
Know what they are looking for -
Before we move to interview preparation tips, you must understand what an interviewer is looking for in a candidate. All the questions by the panel must be addressed keeping in mind the demands of the job. For starters, your attitude and confidence must be right with clarity in the thought process.
Additionally, drop a clue here and there suggesting you have those qualities that are needed to perform well. A good strategy is to mention the words that would lead to a discussion on the topic you are comfortable in. Doing so will make sure that interviewers will question you back on topics you mention. For instance, if you feel that Business Studies is your strong subject, mention this in your introduction, or when interviewers ask your strengths, why you want to join the banking industry, etc.
What to Expect in an Interview?
Personal Questions: A one-minute introduction is not where it ends. Personal questions can range from location preferences to family background, from achievements and goals to strengths and weakness.
Profile-based Questions: For those with prior work experience, be thorough with how that job was a learning experience and provided a better understanding of the industry. Apart from that, interviewers might ask reasons to shift to the public sector. Based on your graduation discipline you can expect basic level questions on the same as well.
Knowledge-based Questions: In SBI Associate banks PO interview, expect a majority of questions which test your areas which are relevant to the banking sector. These areas can be broadly divided as follows:
  • Banking and Finance: Apart from studying history and functions of important banking institutions, you must also be comfortable with the banking and finance terminology.
  • Economy: To test your understanding of how an economy works the interviewer might ask you some basic level questions from microeconomics and macroeconomics. Some of the common topics include exchange rate, subprime crises, monetary and fiscal policy, FII and FDI, and so on.
  • Taxation: You can expect a question or two that tests your understanding of taxation in the country. Some topics for same include types of taxes, sharing among central and state government, etc.
  • Current Affairs: You are expected to have a fair knowledge of not only banking industry, but also those sectors that affect banking.
Apart from above mentioned categories, there might be questions to see if you understand the kind of work expected from you as a PO and if you’ve applied for other jobs.
SBI Associate Bank PO Interview Preparation
How you answer personal and profile based questions will determine how the rest of your interview shapes up. So addressing them in the right way is crucial. You should try to think through every answer to know the possibility of the kind of cross questions that can be fired at you. So showcasing qualities required for the job can help exhibit strength of character. So right from what you learned from your previous job, if any to extracurricular activities, you must direct the interviewer to believe you are most fit for the job. Do invest a good amount of time to understand how the kind of work you’ve done so far was significant and affected business performance. Furthermore, to exhibit broader level understanding read up on the industry/sector you were working in.
For knowledge based questions; nothing would help but reading and consistently revising functions and latest notifications by concerned organizations:
To brush up on key terminologies related to banking and finance sector, you should frequently visit websites like Wikipedia and Investopedia.
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