Preparation tips for SBI Associate Bank Clerical Interview

The SBI (State Bank of India) conducts entrance exam for selection at clerical level for its 5 associate banks that includes State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Mysore and State Bank of Hyderabad.
This exam consists of an online objective test. After clearing this stage, you are called for the interview round. Interview round can make or break your chances of getting appointed. Thus, it is one of the most crucial rounds in the selections process of Clerical posts in SBI Associate Banks. Apart from answers that you give in the interview, there are a lot of factors that affect your selection like dress code, demeanor, and so on.
Make sure all your efforts for the interview preparation are put in right direction by following these tips:
Best strategy to crack the interview -
To answer all the questions in the best possible manner, you must understand what an interviewer is looking for. Firstly, all questions must be addressed with the right attitude and confidence that show clarity in your thought process. So get a basic understanding of what are the job expectations and demands, kind of work, and then showcase the same via well-structured answers.
Secondly, you must lead the interviewer to question you on topics you are comfortable discussing. So, do not forget to drop a word here and there from the domain you feel you are an expert in. For instance, if you feel that Accounting is your strong subject, mention this in your introduction, or when interviewers ask your strengths, why you want to join the banking industry, etc.
Types of questions in an interview -
Personal Questions: Most of us simply focus on preparing flawless introduction without realizing that personal question arena is much wider than that. It can range from location preferences to family background, from achievements and goals to strengths and weakness. So, be sure to prepare them thoroughly.
Profile-based Questions: For those with no work experience, be sure to get interrogated on your under graduation subjects. For those with work experience, you must be absolutely clear about your previous job role, its significance, and its impact on business. You must also be aware of trends and nature of that sector.
Knowledge-based Questions: In the SBI Associate banks Clerical interview, expect a majority of questions testing your understanding of the banking sector, categorized as:
  • Banking and Finance: The most important part of preparation is studying reason for establishment and functions performed by banking institutions. To show your interest in the banking sector, read about terminology used in daily work environment.
  • Economy and Taxation: Apart from knowing definitions from macro and micro economics, you must also be prepared to answer a question or two about taxation like types of taxes and its sharing rules, etc.
  • Current Affairs: Most of the times, a candidate’s general knowledge is given a lot of weight age. So, you should have a fair knowledge of not only banking industry, but also those sectors that affect this sector.
SBI Associate Bank Clerical Interview Preparation
Personal and Profile based: The way you answer personal and profile based questions will determine how the rest of your interview shapes up. So, address them in the right manner by thinking through every answer. It helps you figure out the kind of questions that can be shot back at you. For instance, to answer most frequently asked question of why should we select you, you must point out activities in past that equipped you with the required skills.
People with work experience can talk about the aspects of job that helped them acquire certain skill sets. People with no work experience can take this opportunity to elaborate on their extracurricular activities to show how it helped them gain better perspective of job.
Knowledge based: For knowledge based questions; you have to start by studying about the concerned organizations and getting familiar with their history, reasons for establishment, working style, functions performed, changes witnessed, organization structure and so on. For SBI Assistant banks Clerical Interview, the relevant organizations websites are:
You must also check out websites like Wikipedia and Investopedia to make sure you are comfortable with terms used in finance and banking sector.
Current affairs: For current affairs, read English newspapers like Economic Times and The Hindu and watch English new channels. This will help you stay updated with daily news and improve your command over the language.
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