Ace the RBI Assistant Interview

Every year, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recruits officials at various assistant level posts. The selection process involves a written exam at the first stage. After clearing this stage, candidates are called for the interview round. It can "make or break" your chances of being selected. Candidates should do goal oriented preparation for the RBI Assistant PI.
Purpose of the Interview
Interviews are the main selection criteria and measure the attitude, skill and ability of the candidates. For this, you need to put your best foot forward. Panel members evaluate your performance based on your confidence level, your body language, your eye contact, your knowledge level and your views on whatever the questions they ask.
Following are some tips that can help you prepare in the right direction for the RBI Assistant Interview:
Prepare About Your Self
  • Prepare your introduction and the personal questions which range from location preferences to family background, about the city you belong to etc.
  • Prepare in-depth about your hobbies, achievements, likes and dislikes, etc.
  • Interviewers can ask any questions related to your strength and weakness.
Always be patient and don't panic during the interview. The key to remain calm is to prepare well for such questions.
Prepare About Academics
  • Questions should be focused on the subjects that you studied in graduation or post graduation or in any other course you have done.
  • Prepare your academic subjects thoroughly. Do prepare one subject very well so that when the interviewer asks for any favorite subject, you can answer the questions on it.
  • Prepare questions like - "What is the use of your degree in banking?" or "How your subject can help in banking?"
  • If you have any gap in your academics, than be prepared with logical reasons for the same.
  • If you belong to a stream like engineering that is not connected with banking, than prepare answers to questions like – “Why do you want to join the banking sector after engineering? How will a degree in engineering help you in your job in RBI?”
Prepare About the Job Role
  • You should prepare about the job role of Assistants in RBI.
  • You should prepare the question like "Where you see yourself in the next 5 years" and so on.
Question Types:                        
Profile-based Questions: For those with no work experience, you will likely get questioned on under graduation subjects. For those with work experience, you must be absolutely clear about your previous job role or job profile, the reason for leaving it and the experience with the work performed.
Knowledge-based Questions: In the RBI Assistant interview, expect a majority of questions to test your understanding of the banking sector, such as:
  • Banking and Finance: The most important part of preparation is in knowing about the functions performed by banking institutions and the reason behind their establishment. Try to read about terminology used in daily work environment, the current banking rates decided by RBI, the banking policy etc.
  • Economy and Taxation: Apart from learning the basic concepts of the micro and macro economics you must also be prepared and aware about the taxation policy, types of taxes and tax rates etc.
  • Current Affairs: Most of the times, a candidate's general knowledge is given a lot of weightage in an RBI interview. So, have a fair knowledge of not only the banking industry, but also those sectors that affect that particular sector.
Assistant Interview Preparation basics -
Personal and Profile based: The way you present yourself and answer profile based questions makes an impression on the interviewers mind and shapes the rest of your interview. Address every question in the right manner by thinking every answer. It helps you figure out the kind of questions that can be asked. For instance, to answer questions like – Why should we select you? You must point out activities in the past that equipped you with the required skills suitable for the job in the RBI.
People with work experience can talk about the aspects of their job that helped them acquire a certain skill set. People with no work experience can take this opportunity to elaborate on their extracurricular activities to show how it helped them gain skills like organizing, leadership and team work.
Knowledge based: For this question type, gather facts about Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and get familiar with its history, reasons for establishment, working style, functions performed, recent changes, organizational structure and so on. Also keep yourself updated with terminology used in finance and the banking sector.
Current Affairs: For current affairs, it is highly recommended that you read English newspapers like Economic Times and The Hindu and watch English new channels. This will help you stay updated with daily news and improve command over the language. To improve your English vocabulary and speaking: practice, practice and practice!
Thus, to prepare for RBI assistant interview, personal question preparation and the knowledge of current affairs is very important. Always keep yourself updated with the first hand information to succeed in the competition.
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