Types of Interview questions: Education and hobbies

Interview form an essential part of the selection process in all MBA colleges. The purpose of an interview is to evaluate the candidates on the basis of their skills, experience, personality traits, etc. The interviewers intend to check the suitability of the candidates for the MBA program in their institution. Questions based on your education, work experience and hobbies are frequently asked in MBA interviews.
Given below is the list of questions that feature under the four important categories of interview questions:
  1. Education/ Institute based questions:
  • You have five minutes to describe the most relevant instance in the past, which shows that you are uniquely qualified for admission to our institute?
  • Why <name of the institute>?
  • What do you know about our institute?
  • What are you looking for in our institute?
  • What would you add to our institute?
  • How would you balance the different priorities MBA student life presents?
  • What makes you think you would successful in management?
  • How would you go about evaluating a business?
  • What area of specialization do you plan to opt for? Why?
  • What is your favourite subject? Which college classes did you like the most?
  • Which college classes did you like the least? Why?
  • Describe a course that has had the greatest impact on your thinking?
  • Did your grades accurately reflect your abilities? Why/Why not?
  • Demonstrate skills that you can transfer from past experience.
  1. Work Experience based questions:
  • Describe your job profile. Tell us about your major contributions to the company.
  • Describe your job and areas of responsibility.
  • What are your achievements outside these responsibilities?
  • Where did you work? What are the developments you have done there?
  • Which company were you working for?
  • What were the products/services?
  • Is it listed on the stock exchange?
  • What is the strength of the company in terms of the people working in the company?
  • Who are the major suppliers/clients/customers of the company?
  • Who is the Director of the company? Can you briefly describe the hierarchy of the company?
  1. Extra-Curricular based questions:
  • What extra-curricular activities have you been involved in?
  • What have you learned from these activities?
  • Were these extracurricular activities worth the time you put into them?
  • How did you become involved in these extracurricular activities?
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work in your free time?
  • Who/which is your favourite author/actor/singer/artist/book/movie/song/painting?
  • Which newspapers/magazines/journals do you read regularly? Which book have you read recently?
  • Have you ever done volunteer activities?
  1. Hobbies based questions:
  • What are your hobbies?
  • How much time do you spend on them?
  • How did you develop this hobby?
  • What have you learned from this hobby? How do you plan to apply it in your life?
  • How do you plan to pursue it in future?
  • Any major achievements in your hobby?
  • How do you allocate time between your hobbies and other activities?
  • How much cost do you incur to pursue your hobbies?
  • What kind of novels do you read? Why?
  • Name a recent book that you have read? What did you learn from it?
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