Interview Questions asked by major MBA colleges

Interviews are a critical stage of the selection process of any MBA college. In this articles, we bring you top ten interview question types from major MBA colleges across the India from the 2017 interview season. This article will sensitize you with the type of questions that were asked by reputed colleges in the country.
  1. Questions related to the quality practices at the workplace and your contribution to its improvement (IIM Ahmadabad)
  2. Questions on Work experience, Questions on role and responsibility and initiatives taken (IIM Bangalore)
  3. What do you think about Demonetization, Discussion on work profile and responsibilities, Do a cost benefit analysis of your job before MBA and after MBA, Who is your role model, What do you mean by ethics, How is it important for business in long term (IIM Calcutta)
  1. Discussion on final year project, Co curricular activities, why MBA, strengths and weaknesses, long term goals, why IMT, and what other calls you have. (IMT Ghaziabad)
  2. Tell us about yourself, Discussion on family background, GK questions, Academic questions, What are your hobbies, What are your strengths and weaknesses, What are you doing to overcome them, Which all calls do you have, Which college do you prefer, Do you read the newspaper, Any business news that you follow. (SIBM, Pune)
  3. Introduce yourself, Why MBA, Justify your low academic performance, What is GDP, What measures have government taken to enhance the GDP rate, Academic questions, Discussion on strengths and weaknesses, What are your hobbies, Detailed discussion on hobbies, Why XLRI, Questions on family business, What are your expectations from MBA and XLRI. (XLRI, Jamshedpur)
  1. Tell something about yourself, Why do you want to do specialization in marketing, What is your long term goal, Tell us about your family, Have you ever helped them in contributing to the NGO, What is entrepreneurship? What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman, What are your hobbies, Questions on academics. (KJ Somaiya)
  2. Tell me about yourself, Questions on extracurricular activities, You are wasting your chance of having a successful career in your field (Why MBA), What are your views regarding the WAT topic, Do you feel motivated when you see hundreds of M.Gandhi statues on the road, Basic things about football and photography. (MDI, Gurgaon)
  1. Tell us something about yourself, How many times have you rehearsed this, Cross questions on the answer, Questions related to work experience, Where did you take coaching from, Have you been placed, What is the package, Why MBA, What are the specializations offered in NMIMS, When was it formed, What other calls do you have, How do you find the inverse of a matrix, What is the difference between co factor and sample, So you're from Punjab, what problems is Punjab facing. (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai)
  2. Introduce yourself, What is your work profile, Name the women CMs of India, What do you know about the Israel Palestine issue, What is your opinion China India relations and One belt one road initiative, What is India’s GDP, What are the challenges in cashless economy, What steps can be taken to move towards cashless economy, what is your favorite subject, What is Moore’s Law, Why MBA, Why FORE. (FORE, Delhi)
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